wasd to move

r to restart level

esc to pause (the only purpose is to listen to the pause music for now^^)

ps : you can find the soundtracks on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user-505940003 , it was a lot of fun thks guys^^   - Ilian

font credits (because they're cool): https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/matthew-walkden/


windows.zip 24 MB
linux.zip 25 MB


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Nice idea and graphics, but i have some critique:

1. The "Joined Together" part doesn´t really lie in the focus of the game. 

2. I don´t get why i die.

Hope the feedback helped you, would be nice if you could check out my game "Square Pair" too. :)

1) they are "joined together" via many physical means (rod, spring, or rope) of which you must utilize to navigate through the levels.

2) what do you mean?

1. I know HOW it fits the theme, i´m just saying that (at least so far i played) there´s not a mechanic tied to the characters being tied together. Just something i noticed, not a huge deal.

2. Are the black things like holes in the floor or something? Maybe i´m just stupid, sorry.

1. there are some mechanics tied to it, for instance the hard rods can cross holes in the floor as long as one is standing on the ground, ropes have weird movement, and spring can stretch and go over walls

2. yes they are, unless you have a rod you'll die when one character goes over a hole

It was a lot of fun. Your game was a lot better than mine gj.

pretty fun. on one of the levels the killing system failed and i was left with a visual without the bar and the two charachters never dying but other than that it was pretty good.